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  • Problem: Billions of people are desperate for the real Jesus.  Even with all of our investment in facilities and training, we  agonize over the lack of dedicated disciples who become Spirit-directed leaders, continuing Jesus’ ministry today.
  • Solution:  Jesus primarily developed leaders like himself, focusing on the 12 and 3 in particular.   His approach was life-on-life disciple-making.  Then Jesus sent them with the same Holy Spirit he had and they multiplied his ministry through church multiplication.  We follow in Jesus' steps, knowing that when we do life Jesus' way; we get Jesus' results. 

Partner to develop leaders

Partner with us to strategically develop Jesus-like, transformational leaders.  One fully committed, Jesus-like leader brings far more people into discipleship than dozens of followers.  Karen and I remain compelled to help grow church planters, pastors, cross-cultural workers and leaders who will fulfill their God-given mandates.  With life-on-life mentoring, not mere information-oriented training, disciples become transformational leaders.

Together we can expand the Ministry Training Institute and launch Mandate

  •  We are revising and obtaining certification for the Ministry Training Institute.  This online and free discipleship-to-leadership program has already trained over 17 million participants in 190,000 churches in 104 countries.  The course has 72 foundational lessons and 8 transformational practicums (activations).  Along with new translation software, we anticipate far greater effectiveness.  This is phase one.
  •  Further, we will continue to design Mandate, which is phase two.   This four-month, in person and online intensive will equip, activate and launch Jesus-like leaders at the pre-deployment (prior to launch) stage.  The unique process emphasizes prayer with expectancy, life-on-life mentoring in a small cohort, biblical alignment, spiritual empowerment, emotional health, servant leadership, cross cultural adaptation and more. 

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Pray for us as we develop Jesus-like leaders with you. Simply complete the form to the right.  We want to pray for you as well, knowing prayer is how we partner with God to move mountains.

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You can make tax-deductible donations as we mentor next-generation leaders and launch Mandate. To give one-time or monthly, visit our page in Foursquare Missions.

  • Provide financial support by check

You can make tax-deductible donations by check (or bill pay).  Please make your check payable to Ministry Training Network and mail it to The Metskers, 1010 NE 13th Ave., Canby OR 97013 and do not forget to write Dave Metsker on the subject line.

  • Pastors, please let us know how we can serve you and your church to help make more disciples who become transformational leaders ([email protected]).

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Cross-Cultural Worker, Church Planter, Pastor, Professor, Mentor

Since my late 20's, I have passionately taken many opportunities to develop leaders for church planting, pastoring, cross-cultural work, etc., according to their God-given design. 

Laying a foundation for Spirit-formed leadership development, I earned a B.A. degree in biblical studies from Oral Roberts University (1980), and then a Master of Divinity degree (1982) and a Doctor of Ministry degree (2002) from Fuller Seminary.  During the latter, I ran eight marathons and married Karen (Walner).  She has been a teacher in several public and private schools, as well as in churches.  We have two bold sons, Matthew (born in 2000) and Michael (born in 2002). 

Focusing on leadership development, I served Foursquare Missions as the director of the LIFE Bible College of West Africa in Ikorodu, Nigeria from 1984 to 1987.  Then I served as the regional overseer of Foursquare Churches in Africa for the ensuing five years.  Following this, I became a professor at Life Pacific College (now University) in San Dimas, CA and continued teaching there for 14 years.  During the second year I planted a leadership-development church that later became Glendora Foursquare Church in Glendora, CA.  It birthed another church and several leaders went on to plant churches and pastor.

Following this, I served as the Pastor of Discipleship at Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, WA (2007-2011) and as the lead pastor of the Foursquare Church in Crescent City, CA (2011-2014), establishing institutes and mentoring leaders at both of these churches.  During this time I also ran in the 112-mile Wild Rogue Relay.  I then served at Canby Foursquare Church as the Pastor of Adult Discipleship and then as the Interim Academic Dean of Canby Bible College until 2020.  I now adventurously serve in the Ministry Training Network, while serving small groups leaders at Canby Foursquare.

You can contact me at [email protected].  We can also connect on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.